10 Best Mutual Funds for Retirement

    When you think of saving for your retirement, the things that bombard into our minds are in most cases limited to pension plans, National Saving Certificate, Employee Provident Fund and so on and so forth. Rarely do we think about mutual funds as an instrument of saving for retirement. But, mutual funds have proven to be a great investment for retirement if chosen with acumen. A great advantage with choosing mutual funds is the low investment amount per month which can be as low as INR 1,000 per month. Mutual funds would also help you beat the inflation. As time goes by, the inflation will rise but so will the interest rates of mutual funds in an ideal scenario. Hence, you will receive investments at rates according to the changing times and not fixed as per today. Unlike schemes like PPF, mutual funds can be liquidated whenever you want if they do not have a lock in period. All these factors taken into account point towards the fact that ‘Mutual Fund sahi hai’! We have put together the 10 best mutual funds to help you save for your retirement.


    10Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

    Franklin Resources Inc, which is an investment management firm operates in India as Franklin Templeton Investments. It is one of the largest global investment firms which boasts of an astute group of investment managers who keep a track on the best performing funds and invest their customers’ money on them. Franklin Templeton entered India through its subsidiary, Templeton Asset Management.

    Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds focus on identifying the best options for their clients and concentrate on short-term market fluctuation, cash flow, revenue and intrinsic value of a company to deliver the best option for investing to their customers. They aim to provide their investors with solid and risk-adjusted returns on their investments.

    Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds comprise of a plethora of funds. Debt and liquid funds are best suited for medium and short-term goals oriented investors as these types of funds only require investments for a short or medium duration but come good with safe returns. Debt and liquid funds also offer a large amount of liquidity. Franklin Templeton Equity funds assign investors with shares of a company. This allows the investors to make profits when the company makes profits but also exposes them to the risk of losing money if the company’s performance is not up to the mark. Preference shares offer investors with dividends but they cannot exercise any voting rights.

    Franklin Templeton Fund of Funds allows the investors to invest in mutual funds which invest in other mutual funds. Franklin Templeton Hybrid funds allow investors to invest in both debt and equity funds thereby banking on the high returns associated with equity funds and enjoy a monthly income due to debt funds.

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